Transformation and Performance ... significant and meaningful words in business as well as in life. These two words now join to form La Transformance, a company founded by two mindful leaders and professional coaches, Diane and Lyne.

The emblem of our logo, a dragonfly named Transformance.

Did you know that dragonflies begin their life cycle in water before becoming adults, change colors and fly freely in the wild?
Did you know that the dragonfly symbolizes metamorphosis and transformation?

Just like a dragonfly that changes color as it grows, you may experience things that advance your evolution. We are not talking about merely changing the way you work or manage your business, but about sustainable performance and mindful leadership.

Our logo reflects our sincere belief in leadership: "A leader, if he wishes, has the power to transform himself and live his personal and professional life coherently, in love, authenticity, pleasure and performance.”

Transforming to better perform and surpass oneself is living La Transformance!


Our philosophy!

The more aligned with their values a person is, the more it affects his natural, fluid, and authentic performance. Coherent alignment with yourself allows you to be your best version. Transforming to reach your full potential is living your Transformance.

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We strive to be the leading coaching consulting firm that generates the most positive impact on sustainable performance and well-being in businesses.



Our firm's mission is to contribute to the sustainable success of companies by developing and transforming organizational performance, thus propelling the full potential and well-being individual and collective in business.



 We work by what defines us as a firm: our values.
Conscientiousness with a capital C
Love with a capital L
Respect and Responsibility with capital Rs
Evolution with a capital E 

Lyne Dorais


From the business world to professional coaching, my career is dotted with many learning opportunities, both professional and personal. I hold a bachelor's degree in Management from H.E.C. in Montreal and cumulate more than 30 years’ experience in the corporate world.

During my professional life, I had the privilege of working in a major international organization building up business relationships, knowledge and contributions. I held senior managerial positions in several functions: operations, marketing strategy and planning, corporate and government affairs and human resources.

The common threads throughout my career have been my love for people, progressing and accelerating their development and teamwork that allows everyone to shine and evolve.

 My business strengths are organizational development, talent management and acquisition, advancing and managing relationships with business stakeholders.

In 2015, I undertook the most beautiful journey of my life; to become the best version of myself and live in authenticity and coherence. I am now a Certified Professional Coach, a graduate of the International Coaching Institute. My profession allows me to practice my long-held passion: coaching people to achieve their goals and cultivate their conscious leadership.

By partnering with Diane Roy, I am now actualizing my life’s project by co-founding La Transformance. I am a member in good standing of ICF, RITMA, SICPNL.

I look forward to meeting you!


Diane Roy, ACC


As a director, my approach and management style have always been to achieve a natural, fluid, authentic and sustainable performance for me and my teams by maintaining the balance between being a visionary and coach oriented towards results and well being.

My 20 years of experience as Director of Sales and Marketing for international companies in the scientific field enabled me to acquire skills in management, sales strategy, organizational change and business development. My greatest strength is to recognize and promote every client’s unique qualities to propel them to their full potential.

Personal development, evolution and well-being are dear to my heart. I have studied management and leadership internationally at postgraduate level at McGill University in Montreal, Lancaster University in England, Renmin University in China and FGV / EBAPE University in Brazil.
I am also a professional coach and certified NLP teacher from the International Coaching Institute and a member of the following associations:  ICF, SICPNL, RITMA.

As a co-founder of La Transformance, I am proud to partner with an influential and inspiring woman, Lyne Dorais.

A woman of heart and action, I am passionate about collaboration and mindful leadership. It is with pleasure, commitment and respect that I confidently guide you towards your professional and personal goals and successes.